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New KIA Range Explore the full range of new vehicles currently available from KIA.

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KIA vehicles were established years ago and are renowned for being trustworthy and versatile. We have really gone beyond all our expectations in the past few years and we have created vehicles that we believe are excellent and drive like a dream. Whether you buy a passenger vehicle or a business vehicle we know that you will be pleased with your new vehicle from our dealership. At KIA Alberton, we are dedicated to creating vehicles that are unrivalled and we continue to create vehicles that meet the needs of our growing customer base.

Our sleek new cars come standard with so many stylish accessories and features. Each model appeals to a different kind of person with different needs. There are also many features that you can add to the vehicles to personalise them even further.

All our cars are not just stylish with modern accessories and features but each model speaks to a different kind of person with different personalities. You can add on many features to the car you purchase to personalise it even further.

Here at KIA Alberton, we understand that you need a reliable and trendy vehicle whether new or pre-owned. We have a vast selection of vehicles for you to browse and our staff are well equipped and trained to answer all your questions. Our team at KIA will take care of your vehicles servicing, finance, maintenance, accessories and anything else that you need. Our KIA team will use genuine parts on your vehicle and this will ensure you get the most out of your vehicle. Our team has many professional technicians that are waiting to attend to your vehicle and assist you.

KIA has ensured that their cars stand the test of time and our vehicles are a favourite amongst many people. We have surpassed all our goals and have created a leading brand in the automotive industry that we can be proud of.

Our friendly staff at KIA Alberton are standing by to assist you with all your vehicle needs.