Here at KIA Alberton, we have so many years of experience in dealing with vehicles and we bring the best services to our customers. We also have the best vehicles to offer you and great prices. All of our excellent services complement our vehicle sales and these include organising finance and insurance for your vehicle.

We have many different vehicle finance options to suit you and we offer instant instalment agreements which allow you to buy your vehicle and pay for it monthly over a stipulated period of time. This would include an interest rate that is either fixed or variable.

You also have the balloon payment option where you can buy the vehicle and pay for it monthly, however you will only own the vehicle once the last outstanding amount is paid up.

We do vehicle finance applications at the dealership, with the dealership business manager present. You can also do your own finance application online if you want. Come in and discuss which option you would prefer and our team will advise you accordingly.